How to solve the plasma cutting torch hanging slag ?
  2022/02/21| View:506

Why CNC plasma cutting torch hanging slag analysis. Generally speaking, NC cutting machine in flame cutting thick plate, cutting surface finish is high, no burr and hanging slag; But if in the cutting process because of cutting oxygen pressure or cutting nozzle parts are not easy to appear section hanging slag, in the cutting section or the lower edge will produce difficult to remove hanging slag, which not only affects the cutting surface finish, but also will have more or less impact on the subsequent processing operation.

CNC plasma cutting torch

1. the bottom edge hanging slag

Phenomenon: Continuous slagging occurs at the lower edge of the cutting section.

Reasons :A. Cutting speed is too fast or too slow, cutting nozzle number is too small, cutting oxygen pressure is too low; B. There is excessive gas in the preheating flame, and the oxide skin on the surface of the steel plate is rusty or unclean; C. The height between the cutting nozzle and the plasma welding parts are too large, and the preheating flame is too strong.

2. Slagging occurs on the cutting section

Phenomenon: There is slag hanging on the cutting section, especially in the lower part.

Reason: the alloy content is too high.

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