Matters needing attention when using plasma cutting torch
  2022/01/17| View:1169

Customer orders are always coming in these days. The plasma torch is broken for different reasons and needs to be replaced with a new one. So here summarizes the plasma cutting torch damage specific reasons have the following points:

1 cutting torch collision.

Destructive plasma arc due to consumable damage. Alkali perishability plasma arc caused by dirt.

Destructive plasma arc caused by loose parts.

 damage to the plasma cutting torch

How to protect CNC cutting machine cutting torch work, need to do a few points :1. Correct assembly cutting torch

Install the torch correctly and carefully, making sure all parts fit together well, and ensuring gas and cooling air flow. Install all parts on clean flannelette to avoid dirt sticking to the parts. 0 type ring add appropriate lubricating oil, o type ring brighten shall prevail, do not add.

2. The consumable parts should be replaced in time before being completely damaged

Do not replace consumables after they are completely damaged, because badly worn electrodes, nozzles and vortex rings will generate uncontrollable plasma arcs, which can easily cause serious damage to the plasma cutting torch. Therefore, when the first drop in cutting quality is found, the consumption should be checked in time.

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