Basic principles for selecting welding consumables
  2021/08/05| View:940

In order to obtain a high-quality welding joint, the welding consumablesshould be selected reasonably first.

1. Meet the requirements of welding joint performance

It includes short-time strength at room temperature and high temperature, bending performance, impact toughness, hardness, chemical composition, etc., as well as special requirements for joint performance in some technical standards and design drawings, such as durable strength, creep limit, oxidation resistance at high temperature, corrosion resistance, etc.

welding consumables

   2 The welding consumable joint manufacturing process performance and welding process performance requirements

After welding components, in the manufacturing process, it is inevitable to carry out a variety of forming and cutting processing, such as stamping, winding, bending, turning, planing and other processes, which requires that the welded joint has a certain plastic deformation capacity and cutting performance, high-temperature comprehensive performance, etc. According to the difference of weldability of the base metal, welding technology requires the welding consumables to have good technical performance and corresponding ability to resist cracks and other defects.

   3. Reasonable economy

In order to reduce the manufacturing cost and improve the economic benefit, welding consumablewith low prices should be selected while meeting the minimum requirements of the above-mentioned performance and manufacturing performance. For example, the low carbon steel electrode arc welding of important parts should be preferred to choose basic coating electrode, because the basic electrode deoxidation, desulfurization, and low hydrogen content, has good weld metal crack resistance and impact toughness. For some non-important parts, the acid electrode can be selected, because the acid electrode has good technology, and meet the performance requirements of non-important parts, and the price is cheap, which can reduce the manufacturing cost.