What is the difference between welding torch and cutting torch
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The welding torch is actually a welding gun, which refers to the part that performs welding operations during the welding process. It is a tool used for gas welding. It is shaped like a gun, with a nozzle at the front, and a high-temperature flame as the heat source. It is flexible to use, convenient and fast, and simple in process. It consists of heating elements, nozzles, etc. What's the difference between cutting torch and welding torch? Here's a detailed introduction!

Welding torch, also known as welding gun, is a tool that uses oxygen and low-pressure acetylene as heat sources to weld or preheat black or non-ferrous metal workpieces. It is the main tool for gas welding. The role of the welding torch is to mix the combustible gas and oxygen evenly in a certain proportion, and spray them out of the welding nozzle at a certain speed, forming a flame with a certain energy rate and composition that is suitable for welding requirements and has stable combustion. The quality of the welding gun directly affects the welding quality of gas welding. Therefore, it is required that the welding gun should have a good performance of adjusting the proportion of oxygen and combustible gas and the flame energy rate, so that the injection speed of mixed gas is equal to or greater than the combustion speed, so that the flame can burn stably. At the same time, the welding gun is required to be light in weight, convenient in operation, safe and reliable.

welding torch

The role of the cutting torch is to mix oxygen and acetylene in proportion to form a preheating flame, spray high-pressure pure oxygen on the workpiece to be cut, so that the metal to be cut will burn in the oxygen jet, and the oxygen jet will blow away the slag (oxide) generated by combustion, forming a slit. Cutting torch is the main tool for gas cutting workpiece.

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