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The advantages of ceramic nozzle ------ ( Part I )

  1.  Simple structure. Suitable for mass production

Fig. 1 is a push-wire nozzle for the gooseneck-type torch,

Fig. 2 is a drawing-type torch nozzle for pistol-type torch

Because of the simple structure of the nozzle, it is easy to manufacture. In the nozzle production process, only a mold, each class can die-casting blanks 350, in the pusher-plate furnace for high-temperature heating treatment, each batch can be sintered forming 3200 pieces. It is compared to the copper nozzle of the cutting process, can improve the efficiency of dozens of times, very suitable for high-volume production.

2.       Good insulation. Easy to use.

Due to ceramic nozzle insulation and non-conductive. So in the process of welding, unlike a copper nozzle, once the inner wall gradually accumulated metal splash and welding wire connected, the nozzle touches the workpiece, will occur short circuit, produce sparks and immediately burned.

In addition, the structure of ceramic nozzle small and light, easy to welder observation molten pool and make operation convenient, is conducive to improve the weld quality and reduce workers labor intensity.

3.       Splash less. Easy to remove slag

Because the copper nozzle in withstanding from the gun body conduction and from the welding arc directly radiated heat, the temperature suddenly rises, the material will soften, easily cause the nozzle deformation at this time, slightly touched, nozzle mouth is irregular circular or polygon. More serious is the nozzle wall is very easy to adhere to the splash and accumulation of piles, blocking airflow channels, deterioration of gas protection performance. Workers generally reflect that scraping slag on the inner wall of the nozzle can affect the efficiency of production. And the use of ceramic nozzle, the effect is very different, it does not soften the phenomenon of heat, not easy to slag, even if the net is easy to remove.

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