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The advantages of ceramic nozzle ------ ( Part II )


4.       Good protection of airflow

Because the ceramic nozzle is not possible with the workpiece short-circuit phenomenon, so will not be deformed or burned with a notch state, can always maintain its structural integrity. So, in the process of welding, can ensure that the carbon dioxide gas flow uniformity and stability, so that welding electric soliton and molten pool in the laminar flow protection atmosphere, from interference by air. Therefore, fewer welding pores, high mechanical strength of the weld, carbon dioxide gas consumption is also reduced.

5.       Long service life

Because the ceramic nozzle is made up of 95% (AI, O) aluminum soil,

Its chemical composition is stable, the mechanical strength is good, the long-term use temperature is 1600, the short time can reach 1750 . Under the normal use of 200-300A welding Current, the ceramic nozzle is not easy to be aged and burned. To verify the mechanical strength of the ceramic nozzle, we made a simple destructive test, put the nozzle on the cement ground 2-3m High, make it free. The result is that the nozzle, shown in fig 1, is not cracked at once. Figure 2 of the nozzle, two times to fall undivided.

According to preliminary statistics, the service life of ceramic nozzles is generally 2-3 times of copper one.

6.       Low cost

Ceramic nozzle because of the low price of raw materials, the cost is 44% of copper nozzle, in terms of service life, the former is the 3-5 times of the latter. Therefore, the use of ceramic nozzles can be too large cost savings of and save copper.



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