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Classification and introduction of MIG torch ---------Maxi series


In the late 1980 of last century, the fledging Italia TRAFIMET company at the same time mass produced Ergo and Mega torch, began to research and develop Maxi series welding torch, they were developed in 1990 years and produced in large quantities.

The Maxi Series combines the features of Ergo and Mega series.

1.       Use a double protection of the outer insulation of the gun neck.

2.       Pressure-block type connector with swan neck and cable to achieve high durability requirements in the air cooling condition.

3.       Simplifies some of the transition structures of the mega gun neck to reduce weight.

4.       The integrated European plug was restored on the back connector, but the advantages of Mega cable crimping were preserved.

The representative products of the series are MAXI350 (400A , 60 % duty cycle ) and MAXI450 (500A , 60 % duty cycle).

The suggestion usage of welding torch: The welding machine below 350A preferred Ergo series, 350A above air cooled welder is recommended to use Maxi series, water cooling machine still prefer Mega series.

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