What are the welding methods of Tig welding torch?
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TIG welding torch with wire filling method is often used for pressure vessel bottom welding, the reason is that the better air tightness of TIG welding can reduce the porosity of the welding seam during the welding of pressure vessel. The heat source of TIG welding is DC arc, the working voltage is 10 ~ 95 VOLTS, but the current can reach 600 a. The correct connection mode of the welder is that the workpiece is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and the tungsten pole in the welding torch is used as the negative pole. The inert gas is usually argon.

What are the welding methods of TIG welding torch?

1) DC TIG welding method

The most commonly used TIG welding method. The DC TIG welding method can be used to weld almost all metals except alloys (active metals) such as aluminum and magnesium, using a constant-current welding source that connects the tungsten electrode (one side of the torch) to the cathode to generate an arc.

welding methods of TIG welding torch

2) AC TIG welding method

In the welding of aluminum and magnesium alloy, tig welding parts must remove the oxide film on the surface of the base metal. When one side of the base metal is used as the cathode, the arc has "cathode atomization effect", because the cathode spot with high current density moves back and forth on the surface of the oxide film can destroy and remove the oxide film.

3) Pulse TIG welding method

Pulse TIG welding method is to change the welding current periodically, so as to adjust the arc characteristics and finally achieve the purpose of controlling the shape of the weld. In this method, there are two forms of DC pulse and AC pulse, which can be selected according to different base material.

4) TIG hot wire welding method

Although TIG welding can get high quality welds, it has the disadvantages of less welding amount and low efficiency. The hot wire welding method heats the welding wire before it is sent into the molten pool, thus increasing the amount of deposition, which not only maintains the advantages of high quality OF TIG welding, but also improves welding efficiency.

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