Does the welding consumables supplier tell you the type and characteristics of flux-cored wire?
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According to the structure of welding wire, flux cored wire can be divided into two kinds: seam welding wire and seamless welding wire. Welding consumables suppliers will tell you that seamless wire can be copper plating, good performance, low cost, has become the future direction of development.

According to whether there is a protective gas, the welding consumables supplier will flux cored wire into gas shielded wire and self-shielded wire; Flux-cored wire core powder composition and electrode skin similar, containing arc stabilizer, slagging agent and alloy agent, according to flux-cored wire inner filler powder there is no slagging agent, can be divided into "powder" and "metal powder" wire; According to the basicity of slag, can be divided into titanium type, titanium calcium type and calcium type welding wire.

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Titanium slag flux cored wire bead shape beautiful, full position welding into the process performance is good, stable arc, small splash, but the toughness and crack resistance of the weld metal is poor. On the contrary, the weld toughness and crack resistance of calcium slag flux-cored welding wire are good, but the weld bead forming and welding process performance are poor. Titanium-calcium slag system is between the two.

The welding process performance of "metal powder" flux cored wire is similar to that of solid cored wire, where the welding consumables suppliers will tell you that its welding efficiency and crack resistance is superior to "powder" welding wire. Most of the powder core is metal powder, but also add special arc stabilizer, can ensure welding slag less, high efficiency, small splash, arc stability, and the weld diffusion hydrogen content is low, crack resistance is improved.

The more complex and symmetrical the cross section shape of flux cored wire is, the more stable the arc is, and the more sufficient the metallurgical reaction and protection function of flux cored wire is. However, with the decrease of wire diameter, the difference gradually decreases. When the wire diameter is less than 2mm, the effect of cutting shape is not obvious.The above are the types and characteristics of flux cored wire shared with you by the welding consumables suppliers. If you have more questions about welding materials, please feel free to contact us!