Gap and expectation of welding consumables suppliers in China
  2021/08/19| View:865

Large backbone welding material enterprises are the hope of China's welding consumables suppliers. In the past few years of operation, some welding material suppliers have realized the accumulation of funds in different degrees, and have the condition to invest more funds to update production equipment and purchase advanced testing instruments, so that the enterprise can go up in grade and level. Only in this way can we attract talented people, make "talented people have a useful place", and enhance the ability of research and development and innovation.

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According to foreign relevant data, the strongest in the world today is five welding consumables suppliers, the five welding materials companies in the world except China welding material possession of market share in the market for: European companies accounted for 11%, the United States Lincoln companies accounted for 11%, European stage (7%), Japan god steel welding materials company accounted for 7%, ITW group companies in the United States accounted for 7%. These five enterprises have a combined share of 43% of the world welding materials market except China, and are very important in the world welding materials market.

Looking forward to our country large-scale backbone welding materials enterprise, is committed to enhance their strength, can on the production assembly level and testing means and foreign well-known welding consumables suppliers than high and low, so the focus of foreign users to have trust on the stability of high quality welding materials, but also important to make the users and key project in the purchase of high-performance welding materials. Therefore, only by fundamentally enhancing the strength of the enterprise, rather than making superficial articles, can we really enhance the innovation ability and create famous brands, and become one of the most powerful welding material companies recognized in the world.