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The importance applications of torch liner


Torch liner is single-wire core, usually multiple copper wire composition copper wire Group, multi-group copper wire Group constitutes the conductor part of the welding machine cable, so the YH cable body is thick, copper wire is hundreds of. The surrounding copper wire is wrapped around a layer of heat-resistant polyester film. Insulation layer is usually pure natural rubber, copper wire for oxygen-free copper, to ensure the good conductivity of the core and cable safety.

torch liner

The main application of welding torch gasket is that better welding is welding operation, which uses electrodes to melt metal parts that need to be connected to the arc. The working principle is that the transformer in the welding machine reduces the voltage, the current increases, the arc produces the large arc heat causes the electrode and the steel to melt, the electrode melts, causes the fusion between. Steel is higher. If there is no torch lining, there will be leaks, leakage current will pass through the human-earth conduction current, resulting in personal injury. So it has to take root. Torch liner is the formation of a loop, otherwise there is no loop, no current, so there is no current can not arc welding.

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