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The importance of torch liner in the welding process


The structure of the torch liner is a single wire core, generally a plurality of copper wires constitutes a copper wire group, and a plurality of sets of copper wire groups constitute a conductor portion of the electric welder cable, so the YH cable wire body is thick and the copper wire is hundreds. The surrounding of the multiple sets of copper wires is wrapped by a layer of heat-resistant polyester film. The insulating layer is generally pure natural rubber, and the copper wire is oxygen-free copper, so as to ensure good electrical conductivity of the core and safety of the cable.

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The main application of the torch liner is that better welding is a welding operation that uses electrodes to melt the metal parts where the arc needs to be joined. The working principle is the voltage is reduced by the transformer in the electric welding machine, the current is increased, and the electric arc generates a large arc heat to melt the electrode and the steel, and the welding rod melts to make the fusion between the steels higher. If there is no torch liner, leakage will occur, and the leakage current will conduct electricity through the human body - the earth, which will cause personal injury. So it must be grounded. Torch liner is to form a loop, otherwise there is no loop, there is no current, so no current can not arc welding.

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