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How to determine the square number of wire and cable?


Whether it's a cable or a wire, it can be judged in the following two ways.

1.       Measuring conductor diameter d with micrometer for solid round conductor, unit mm. According to the circular area formula calculation, S=1/4πd2 mm2


2.       For multi stranded single stranded conductors

a.       Non-compacted conductor

Can take one or more single line, measured by micrometer diameter. Calculates the average single line diameter d, unit mm. Then the average single cross section can be calculated according to the circular area formula. Finally, by multiplying the total number of roots, we can draw the actual sectional area of cable conductor. S=1/4nπd2 mm2  n--- Single line total root number of conductor

details to determine the square number of wire and cable

b.       A tightly pressed circular conductor or a fan-shaped conductor, a tile conductor.

Need to take the weighing section method to measure, Intercept conductor length 1000mm (insulated bare conductor) on wire or cable, weigh the weight of the scale W. Then calculate the cut-off value of the cable conductor according to the following formula:


Note: ρ---- Conductor material density E-Cu8.89 g/cm3

The weighing method is also applicable to the non compact conductor

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