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Indoor Temperature Humidity Meter
Temperature Humidity Meter

Indoor Temperature Humidity Meter

5 in 1:
Alarm clock,
Snooze & Calendar
Product Detail


  1. Calendar display

  2. Everyday alarm function

  3. Pointing function on each hour

  4. ℃/℉ changeable

  5. Two modes of time display:12h/24h

  6. Eight minutes snooze function

  7. Five seconds LED backlight display

  8. Week display

  9. Temperature range:-10℃—50℃(+14℉—+122℉)

  10. Temperature accuracy:±1℃

  11. Relative humidity range:10%—95%

  12. Humidity accuracy:±5%

  13. Time to read temperature & relative humidity value:10 seconds;Setting Time:About 20 minutes.

  14. Max temp&Min temp and their relevant humidity display.

  15. 描述1.JPG


Notes for use:
1.If any faults for this product, please install a new battery.
2.Please put the power-off-battery to the right place that stipulated by the government.
3.We will not keep you noted if any technical changes in future.

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