How to use TIG welding torch and plasma welding torch?
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Tig welding technology is on the basis of the principle of common electric arc welding, using the argon gas protection for metal welding materials, through high current on the welding backing weld material melt into liquid form, welding pool by using tig welding torch welding metal and weld material metallurgy combined with a kind of welding technology, in high temperature melting welding on argon constantly, make the weld material can not contact with oxygen in the air, Thus prevent the oxidation of welding material, so it can weld copper, aluminum, alloy steel, and other non-ferrous metals.

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The tig welding torch is a welding machine that uses an electric arc to burn under the flux layer for welding. Its inherent advantages such as stable welding quality, high welding productivity, no arc light, and little smoke make it the main welding machine for pressure vessel, pipe section manufacturing, and box-shaped beam-column steel structure manufacturing. In recent years, although there have been many kinds of efficient and high-quality new welding machines, the application field of TIG welding has not been affected. Tig welding accounts for about 10% of the weight of metal deposited by various welding machines and has not changed much over the years.

A plasma cutting torch is used to let plasma jet through the whole weld and form a small hole (hole effect) through the gas. This hole, of course, closes as the arc moves forward. Plasma welding can weld thicker steel plates than TIG welding has unquestionable advantages in both operation technology and economic benefit.

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