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Classification and introduction of MIG torch ---------Ergo series


Representative manufacturers of Ergo series are BINZEL, TBI from German and TRAFIMET from Italy.


Ergo series mature in 1960 years, its main characteristics are the use of gas, electricity, control line integration of the joint, in the domestic commonly known as Euro central adaptor; The main cable, the gun neck and the Euro central adaptor are threaded connections; The gun neck uses the internal insulating form, the nozzle and the gun external protective layer is the equal potential body.


The main idea of the design of the Ergo torch is to pursue the integration of lightweight, miniaturization and interface. After the launch of the product, in the light and medium-sized torch field has been a lot of promotion.

For continuous operation (6 0%) or large current (> 3 5 0 A) of the working conditions, Ergo series of designers launched a water cooling torch, to make up insufficient of air cooled torch which is delicate.


The representative model Ergo series are air cooled 2 4 (2 5 0 A, 6 0% duty cycle) and water-cooled 500 (500A , 100% duty cycle). High-quality products have been improving in the past 40 years, but due to the limitation of the basic structure of the swan neck, whether it is to extend the cooling path or improve the temperature resistance of insulating materials, because the air itself is small in heat capacity, can take away the heat is limited, will not be able to overcome the air cooled welding torch due to large current welding, strong thermal radiation caused by thermal damage this problem.

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