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New product show in ESSEN Fair in Shanghai


We attanded the 24th ESSEN Welding and Cutting Fair in Shanghai. In this fair, we are glad to see our old friends, who have cooperated with us for many years. In addition, we met many new friends. 


Now we have some new products and they have attracted many customers' eyes. The new products are named Pyrex Nozzle kit and they are the TIG welding parts. This kind of product is very popular in the USA. Compared with traditional TIG welding torch, the difference of our new products is the TIG Torch body. The TIG Torch body of Pyrex is composed of prex cup, tungsten adapter with screens, collet body, wedge collet and other things.


The Pyrex have many advantages. If you need to know more about it, please feel free to contact us.

IMG20190626085808 (2).jpg

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