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Cause of serious wear of contact tip (II)


(II)The Reasons for the Straightening and Surface Finish of Welding Wire

The welding wire is often installed in cylinder or plate with burrs or ribs, which may affect the contact between the welding wire and contact tip. In welding, contact tip should provide minimal friction on the premise of stable conduction. The life of contact tip of dirty welding wire may be only 1/3 of that of clean welding wire. The way to judge the quality of welding wire and the degree of annealing stress elimination is the performance of the straightening. The experiment is: 50mm at the front of the torch nozzle, Whether the welding wire can be bent automatically?Bend at the front explains the wire is too soft and the back bend means the welding wire is too hard. The hard welding wire may consume contact tip more quickly. In addition, if the welding liner is bent from the wire feeder to the welding torch, the wire will also be bent.

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